Sea Change II

(String Quartet No. 2): unpath'd waters, undream'd shores


Sea Change II (String Quartet No. 2): II unpath’d waters, undream’d shores

  1. The Emperor Periclemenes Astride His Mount, the Wondrous Melibe, Surveys the Domain of Pura Dalem
  2. Brief Glimpses of the Filamented Flasher Above Squadrons of Durban Dancers, in Amed
  3. Fiddler Crabs; And Another Front in the Forever War, on the Littoral Plain That Rises Near the German Channel, Palau


String Quartet


approximately 40 minutes

Number of Pages (Score)


Page Format

Digital PDF (8.5 x 11 inches)


Joseph Summer

Year Completed


Premiere Performance

Performed in 2020 by the Ulysses Quartet (Christina Bouey, Rhiannon Banerdt, Colin Brookes, Grace Ho) at The Juilliard School in NYC.

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